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Plain rails

HIRD Rail Services is a major supplier of new Network Rail approved rails to contractors and heritage railways across the UK.

We offer a wide range of plain rail in profiles such as 56E1 (113A), 60E2 (CEN60) and 95lb B/H. However, other rail profiles or grades can be sourced to match specific track conditions and types. 

HRS supplies rails with a long in-service product life that reduces maintenance and renewal costs for customers. Available in standard lengths, or cut to meet specific requirements, HRS are able to perform various services to rails, should you require bespoke drilled, pre-curved or twisted rails. If you are unsure of your requirements, we can provide expert technical advice to help you select the right choice. 

Rails are offered at competitive market rates and can be collected or delivered promptly to your site.

For more information about rails from HRS, please speak to one of our team.

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