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Rail Ancillaries

HRS can provide specialist rail processing services, such as pre-curving and twisting of rail. Our comprehensive range of tooling and technical expertise ensures our customers receive a world-class service and finished product.

HRS use a remotely operated, highly-specialised, heavy duty rail twisting machine to apply precise calibrated twists to rails. Our twisting facility can accurately twist 56E1 (113A), 60E2 (CEN60) and 39E1(80lb) rails to your exact requirements. Standard and harder grade rails can be processed upon request.

Our state-of-the-art, heavy duty rail curving machinery allows HRS to pre-curve a wide variety of rail profiles, starting from a radii of 25 meters. Pre-curving is a cost-effective way of reducing installation times. HRS pre-curve rails for the Network Rail infrastructure as well as many of the UK’s tramways and light rail systems. 

Speak to us directly to find out more about how we can support you with rail bending and twisting.

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