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Drilling & Cold Bolt Expansion

Cold Bolt Hole Expansion (CBX) technology is used as standard on all fish-bolt holes to ensure maximum durability.

HRS employ the latest calibrated tooling for drilling holes, in a range of rail profiles and grades. We drill fish bolt and check holes to required diameters, as requested by the customer.

The RailTec CBX process from Fatigue Technology (FTI) is a preventative process that if applied correctly, substantially reduces the risk of cracking at fish bolt holes, ultimately lowering the likelihood of rail breakages, track-related incidents and derailments. Superior to any other Cold Bolt Hole Expansion (CBX) technique out there, it generates a more regulated distribution of compressive stress around a fish-bolt hole, eliminating risks of weaknesses, and staving off potential cracks from forming. As in line with Network Rail specifications, HRS use the Cold Bolt Hole Expansion (CBX) process on every hole drilled in our rails.

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