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Proud to be a leading supplier of specialist track-related products and services to the UK railway industry.

HIRD Rail Services (HRS) offers a comprehensive catalogue of track-related products including new rail, assembled Insulated Block Joints (IBJs), permanent way and heritage rail supplies.

Our industry-leading reputation is thanks to our highly skilled and dedicated team, who strive to ensure a safer, greener and more reliable railway for our customers, passengers and freight services.

Because our products make up the fundamental foundations of rail infrastructure, it’s crucial that they are built to last. We employ cutting-edge science to produce rail products that not only serve their intended purpose, but also protect and extend the life span of railways. Our components help to minimise track downtime, add value, and lower overall costs for our customers. 

Our extensive range of high-quality products and services, combined with our superior technical expertise, means we can satisfy all of your rail processing requirements. Think of us as your “one-stop-shop” for all your desired track parts.

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Sustainability runs through ALL products and business activities.



Sustainability has been embedded in HIRD Rail Services’ ethos since its inception. It is not a trend to us – it is an integral part of who we are. Everything from the manufacturing processes we use, to the products and the services we supply culminate in an overall service that guarantees longevity and value for money for our clients. Forming close collaborative bonds with our customers plays an equally crucial role in our environmental output. Working closely with clients enables us to pre-empt their ever-evolving needs, protecting all parties from costly mistakes and material waste.

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Integrity is at the heart of all our operations – it always has been and always will be. Learn more about our history and the culture that informs the choices we make, which have helped to build HRS as we know it today.

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